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Welcome to AccuTime, the revolutionary new time & attendance system!
Put an end to time clock abuse with biometrics!

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Copyright 2015 Accu Time Inc
AccuTime is a hi-tech, biometrics-based time and attendance system perfectly suited to the payroll needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. Each employee uses his or her own unique fingerprint to clock in and out, ensuring accuracy and eliminating fraud and abuse. With Accutime you can put an end to lost and malfunctioning time cards, prevent employees from clocking each other in, and have a tamper-proof mechanism for accurately recording employee attendance. Our system includes a fingerprint scanning terminal, proprietary software, and optional payroll processing services; all designed to benefit both employer and employee by keeping everyone honest.
AccuTime is our compact scanner terminal that can be set on a desktop or mounted to a wall. It operates using proven high performance optical fingerprint scanning technology and 3D live finger detection, yet is incredibly easy to use. Real-time scanning allows management anytime access to employee attendance records, while tamper detection prevents time manipulation. AccuTime Scanner

AccuLite is lightweight alternative to the AccuTime terminal. This unobtrusive fingerprint scanner connects directly to any PC via USB port. The highly accurate fingerprint matching system means employees never have to remember a password nor can they manipulate the time stamp on their attendance record. AccuLite
AccuTime's proprietary software, AccuSoft, is designed to make the task of administering employee time and attendance easier, more accurate, and faster to process. Highly customizable, our program provides a variety of features and reports that help you: track employee time, reduce your overtime costs, and ease administrative burdens. None
In addition to providing state of the art hardware and software for computing your employees' time and attendance AccuTime offers optional payroll processing services that can simplify your life and save you money. AccuLite
If you are ready to upgrade to the next generation of timekeeping system and forget about the hassles and headaches of old fashioned timecards, punchcards, or paper timesheets then order AccuTime today!