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Welcome to AccuTime, the revolutionary new time & attendance system!
Put an end to time clock abuse with biometrics!

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Why do I need AccuTime system?
AccuTime Terminal

 The AccuTime terminal is a biometrics based scanner that operates using proven high performance optical fingerprint scanning technology and 3D live finger detection. Its convenient size and construction allow it to be placed anywhere in your office, even mounted on the wall. Each device can be connected to an existing PC running windows 98 or better using a 9 pin serial or open USB port. RS232, RS422, and RS485 protocols are all supported. Working with AccuTime is simple. The scan is completed by pressing a small red button on the terminal and placing your finger on the scanner. A green light and a short beep indicate the scan has been accepted while a red light and 5 short beeps indicates rejection. There is no need to type in your name, enter a code, or swipe a badge; however, a password may be used for additional security. What better way to ensure an employee’s presence at work than to use his/her unique fingerprint?

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