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Welcome to AccuTime, the revolutionary new time & attendance system!
Put an end to time clock abuse with biometrics!

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Copyright 2015 Accu Time Inc


AccuAir "Mobil App for Android"  
Accutime system Manual   PDF Format
AccuLite system Manual    PDF Format
Download and install AccuLite
Procedures to Install the demo software
  1. Click on the link above to download the Instalation file
  2. Run the AccuLiteDemoSetup.msi to install the setup files
  3. Fallow the instruction
  4. NOTE: If you receive any pop-up message regarding a conflicting version of the files, such as “a file with the DLL or OCX extension” you must choose the latest version. If there is a message regarding registration of a file then please click on the ignore button.
  5. If installation is successful you will have an icon on your desktop to run the system.
  6. The database is located on the folder called DATABASE where the system is installed
  7. Select AccuTime.mdb
  8. Enter your information
  9. The default Login name: admin
  10. password: AccuTime.
  11. it's case insensitive.
for support please conatc us
Phone: 310 474 2660
Fax: 310 475 4464