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Welcome to AccuTime, the revolutionary new time & attendance system!
Put an end to time clock abuse with biometrics!

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Copyright 2015 Accu Time Inc
Q. What is AccuTime?
AccuTime is the next generation of timekeeping system. It is a biometric time clock that uses employee fingerprints to accurately record time and attendance. Ideal for smal-l to medium-sized businesses, it allows you to monitor your business more accurately with minimum time and effort. Advanced features even allow for data to be exported automatically to our servers for further payroll processing.
Q. How can I get custom features and reports in this time attendance software?
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer custom programming for personalized time and attendance reports and features designed to suit your individual needs. Please contact technical support at (310) 474-2660 for information regarding custom programming costs.
Furthermore, we are always interested in new ideas and innovations. If we find that your suggestion can benefit all of our customers, we will reward you by upgrading your system free of charge.
Q. Do I need to pay for new patches or other enhancement to this software?
No, all patches and other necessary enhancements are available via our website free of charge.
Q. Is there any warranty for AccuTime?
We offer a one year warranty on all of our products.
Q. Is it possible to buy the AccuSoft software without the biometric scanner?
Yes, you may buy the software separately. For more information please call customer service at (310) 474-2660 .
Q. Do I need a computer to use Accutime?
Yes, AccuTime operates in conjunction with a PC running Windows 98 or better
Q. Does AccuTime interfere with other programs on my computer?
No, AccuTime is a standalone program that does not interference with other systems